Introducing Big Boy Bamboo

Introducing Big Boy Bamboo

About Big Boy Bamboo

Big Boy Bamboo is an unapologetic, down-to-earth bamboo clothing brand of bamboo shirts for extra large dudes – specifically Big Guys who wear 3XL-6XL and Big & Tall guys who wear 1XLT-4XLT. We carry soft comfortable clothing – bamboo t shirts to comfortably fit you and keep you cool all day long.

Our extra large t shirts for men are created with bamboo fabric. Bamboo is a soft natural fiber. Big Boy Bamboo fills a need; we offer a luxurious feel, unparalleled comfort, and go-anywhere style for men who want soft comfortable clothing.


My Experience

Big Boy Bamboo is a brand that we got connected to via email. They reached out to me and let me know they were going to be at The Curvy Fashionista and asked to meet up there. We met during The Panel discussion on The Rise Of The Big And Tall Man and agreed to see each other after the panel. I went over to the booth and talked with Andrew they were explaining how the brand got started because of a vacation he took. I tried on a few different sizes until I settled on the 2XLT. Now my current size is a 2XL which they don’t have currently. I hope they’re working on.

When I tell you this shirt is so Flippin comfortable I’ve been wearing the shirt now for a few different times over the course of this week. I wore it for my first day on vacation in Chicago which was last Friday I wore it coming back on the plane on Tuesday and then I wore it again on Thursday that’s how much I love it. My only complaint is that because they don’t have the 2XL they have the 2XLT it’s a tad too long for me. I’m not that tall but if you are the tall customer this shirt is going to be your best friend and the conversation we had about keeping you cooler is true. I do feel cooler like literally, my body temperature feels cooler when I have the shirt on.

What Else is Coming From Big Boy Bamboo?

We started Big Boy Bamboo with our soft, comfortable bamboo shirts for extra large dudes – specifically Big Guys who wear 3XL-6XL and Big & Tall guys who wear 1XLT-4XLT. But’s what’s in the hopper? How about these:

  • Men’s bamboo pants
  • Men’s bamboo underwear – bamboo boxer briefs and bamboo briefs
  • Men’s bamboo socks
  • Men’s bamboo lounge pants
  • Men’s bamboo pajamas

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Written by XL Tribe

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