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XL Celebrities Chi Mc Bride

XL Celebrities Chi Mc Bride


XL Celebrities Chi Mc Bride

Chi has a very versatile style and that’s one of the main reasons I choose him as this week’s XL Celebrities. He is a major sneakerhead but also has the suit and dress up look down packed. He has a pure essence of swag that is only seen when you have mastered the art of style .

Interview with Chi McBride at Keikari dot com07

In an interview he did with Keikari and was asked what his outlook on fashion and style and he stated “A stylist can’t give you style” I was sold after that.  He describes his style as “a modern update of 1940s jazz musician’s style.” His experience of fashion was influenced by his earlier experience which he explained below.

celebrity feet chi mcbride packer shoes x reebok court victory pump wimbledon 2

One of my most memorable influences was a salesman for Neiman Marcus that I met in my late 20s by the name of Jance Reynolds. Jance was always impeccably dressed and was a GENIUS at mixing patterns. His influence on me was his classic style, but most of all he influenced my style by teaching me how to steer clear of “the safe look”, as he once said. The next time you’re out in a park, look at the way the colors of nature blend in ways that incorporate unlikely color match-ups, and yet, it all works. It was a profound discovery for me to compliment my accessories, ties, pocket squares, etc., choosing to match the square with a color in the shirt instead of the suit, for example. It became a fun challenge to find “unsafe” choices, when putting together an outfit.

Interview with Chi McBride at Keikari dot com


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