Introducing XL Tribesmen Club

In true form and fashion over here at XL Tribe, we are continuing to grow, to learn and to invest in our audience so that our audience can invest back into their families and so on and so forth…. we teamed up with  Dr. Marquita & Mr.Donavan West to bring to you the XL Tribesmen Club.

One of the things that we consistently see is that women have spaces to share their feelings and emotions in a healthy and comfortable way. Well, that’s what the XL Tribesmen Club will solve a way for men to do the same. In the future we do plan on adding more people to join in the conversation and hopefully, we can take this thing offline eventually will we have you meet up retreats and things like that or maybe even do a summit. Ultimately my goal is to help men mentally do better, think better and eventually be better. Better men raise better kids, are better husbands and ultimately are better stewards of their community.

In our Tribesmen Club, we will discuss and expand on a lot of the topics from Jay’s 4:44 album. Which will include Communication, Trust, Vulnerability, Safety, Finance, Issues of Masculinity, Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Relationship Roles and more?

Ask Donavan

Ask Dr Marquita