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Three Tips To Maintain Your Beard

Three Tips To Maintain Your Beard

Three Tips To Maintain Your Beard

In this new world of #beardedmen those of us who have beards need to keep them clean and looking healthy. I decided to write a post discussing my three tips to maintain your beard. Something I feel over whelmed with the sheer amount of products that constantly get advertised on our social media accounts. So here are my:

Three Tips To Maintain Your Beard


This one is the most important step and the easiest step of them all because your already in the shower anyway. My product of choice is Burly Beards Beer Soap the Guinness flavor. Oh I love Guinness so when I take a shower it reminds me that I can have a cold one when I get off lol.





 three tips to maintain your beard2: Moisturized

My favorite product to apply is my Lime-N-Coconut beard balm by Burly Beards. First lets start here, it smells amazing seriously Im not bullshitting you . It makes your beard fell really soft and silky. There products are really inexpensive btw and it has all natural ingredients for my health conscience people.




3:CombingXLTRibe CEO

This last step is important really important. You have to train your beard if you want it to grow a certain way . For me I like mine to grow straight out I want an even look all-around. I use a classic afro comb to achieve my desired look.

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Thank you very much for reading the post and getting to the end . If you liked the post please share it. If there’s something you thought should have been added by wasn’t please feel free to comment  your ideas. 

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