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  • XL Trailblazer Of The Week Daniel Nwandu

    XL Trailblazer Of The Week Daniel Nwandu What made you start your own football league? 1. I’ve been extremely obsessed and passionate about computers, art, and design for as long as I can remember, then I eventually fell in love the sport of football at the age of 12. I never played organized football, but […]

  • XL Trailblazer Corey Phifer

    XL Trailblazer Corey Phifer When did you know you want to become a DJ? In college, I was a club promoter, and eventually got burned out of the week to week grind of it all. Djing was always an idea. I took some money made from an event, and bought equipment. I practiced for almost […]

  • XL Trailblazers Thomas Raybon

    1. What was the first fashion show you ever walked in and how was the experience? The first fashion show I walked in was back in high school in some mall back to school show. It was awkward because we had to walk one time and then did mannequin poses standing there for like 10 […]

  • XL Tribe Trailblazer Milton Lawrence

    XL Tribe Trailblazer Milton Lawrence 1. What are your biggest fashion obstacles? Being in my late 30’s, standing 6 feet tall and approximately 260 pounds, my biggest fashion obstacle would be my ability to go into a store and put together an outfit from “off the rack”. To be honest, I am not an “off […]

  • XL Trailblazer Joel Davis 

    XL Trailblazer Joel Davis 1. What’s your background? My heritage is Jamaican, Irish, Scottish, Welsh and very peculiar Syrian, funnily enough, there are still quite a few countries in my heritage that I’m unaware of, but hopefully, I’ve answered this question sufficiently. 1b. Where did you grow up? I was born in Miami, but for […]

  • XL Trailblazers Raul Samuel

    XL Trailblazers Raul Samuel What are your biggest fashion obstacles? One of the biggest obstacles for me has been working out what styles and clothes suit my body type.It can be a challenge for men to find clothes for all shapes and sizes; tall, small, big or slim. Where are you from and what are […]

  • XL Trailblazers Darius Townsend

    XL Trailblazers Darius Townsend   What does a typical school day look like for you? The typical school day for is hard to say because each day is different. It is mainly determined how my students day started before they reach us. What is your five-year plan for your career? My five-year plan is quite […]

  • XL Trailblazers Tahir Register 

    XL Trailblazers Tahir Register Explain the feeling you felt on launch day June 5, 2013? 1. When I launched TheBLACKMedia on June 5th 2013 the feeling I felt was fear! I had no idea what I was doing. Personally I’ve taught, and I live by this idea: take a month before deciding to do something. […]

  • XL Trailblazer Thaddeus Coates

    XL Trailblazer Thaddeus Coates When did you know you wanted to be an artist? I knew I wanted to be an artist when I watched “The Fairly Odd Parents”, Butch Hartman the creator had this segment in which he would show you have to draw the characters. “Timmy Turner, Cosmo, and Wanda”, from there I […]

  • XL Trailblazers James R Sanders

    Describe the experience of writing and styling a shoot for Vogue Italia Black Lives Matter spread. When I was approached to do the story, I knew that I had a great responsibility to tell the story with style and grace. It’s a peculiar thing to write and style editorials around my people. As a regular […]