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Introducing Sexual By Michel Germain

Introducing Sexual By Michel Germain

Michel Germain Sexual Men Noir 2

Introducing Sexual By Michel Germain

Colognes and scents are honestly new to me. I feel most other guys I know have been wearing fragrances forever. Me on the other hand not so much. For most of my childhood I remember buying the Cuba stick of cologne and thinking I was the shit when I had it on, but the older I got the less it was worn to the point where now it's been 8-10 years since I have put on anything with a scent.

I decided to change all of that because I feel like as I get older I want to try new things. One of the main reasons for honestly wanting to try cologne is to create a signature smell for me. All that changed today because I found my signature smell the Sexual Noir Pour Homme is me when you smell it has this very light misty sexual aroma that really embodies the smell I think I would be really comfortable with being called my signature scent. Now granted it wasn't easy picking between the two fragrances at ALL.

Now, this may be a little biased however I chose which one I felt would be my signature smell by the one that got the most compliments (Iknow I know very vain lol.) I sprayed the Sexual Paris on one day and then I sprayed the sexual noir the other day and I found myself saying "damn you smell good" in my head all day long. That's when I knew I found it.

Sexual Paris Tendre

Michel Germain Sexual Men Paris Tendre 3

Parisian style blend with masculine records of leather gently intoxicating champagne Bergamont and juniper berries create a devastatingly charming charismatic accord sexual Paris tendre. The best memories are yet to come. Feel Like the only man in the world. Accords of leather, gently intoxicating Champagne Bergamot, and fresh scents of Star Anise and Juniper Berries create a devastatingly charismatic accord.

Sexual Noir Pour Homme

Michel Germain Sexual Men Noir 2


Séxual Noir tempts and captivates with a European, daring, masculine charisma. Italian bergamot and crisp. Mouth watering grapefruit Glen with while coriander and intoxicating lavender. Mysterious velvet moss and masculine sweet tobacco captivate with a daring, masculine European charisma.

*This product was sponsored but all opinions are my own.*

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