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  • Jackfruit of all Trades

    Jackfruit of all Trades   We all have loved ones who are either vegetarian and vegan and during these festive summer months barbecue feasting we relegate them to flavorless faux hotdogs, roasted vegetables or giant mushroom caps disguised as “hamburgers.” Enter the noble Jackfruit. In the country of my birth, we know it as a […]

  • Sunday Sauce and Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sunday Sauce and Sonic the Hedgehog

      Since my posts on the XLtribe are on Sundays it seemed only right to do a Sunday Sauce.  It’s a rich and decadent recipe, full of meaty richness that only comes from slow cooking.  It’s also fairly easy, and once you get the gist of it, highly customizable. So let’s gather our ingredients and […]

  • The Elegant Simplicity In A Shaved Steak Crostini

    The Elegant Simplicity In A Shaved Steak Crostini

    I believe in the relationship of simplicity and elegance.  Often times in life and in cuisine we find ways to make simple things, simple decisions, into convoluted messes that end up stopping our forward momentum. When we look beyond the lofty descriptions and beautiful imagery we can get to the simple core of something and […]

  • Embrace the Decadent Chocolate Tart

    With a Brooklyn scowl, I appear on the scene, round and clean, more grumpy than mean. A few weeks ago, Kirk, the founder of this site approached me with the idea that I might contribute a bit of my foodie love to his burgeoning community.  After hearing the passion in his voice when he spoke […]