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  • XL Shoots Remington Porter

    I want to start this blog by saying thank you to Remington Porter. I saw an episode of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and thought OMG he would be a perfect fit for this site/magazine. I googled him and found him on Instagram hit them up on a whim, didn’t think he would say […]

  • XL Shoots In February

    XL Shoots In February Hello March , Last month brought on its own set of challenges but all in all it was my most productive . I hope March brings on more clients. If you’d like to book a shoot Click Here .   Thank you very much for reading this post and getting to the […]

  • XL Shoots In January

    XL Shoots In January The Month Of January has been a blessing to say the least. This idea I had almost a year ago is getting closer to fruition. My idea was if I wanted to see change I had to go make it myself . Well here is some of the work I got […]

  • XL Shoots In Miami

    XL Shoots afforded me the opportunity to shoot my first wedding in Miami. So of course I can’t show you guys any of the wedding photos but I can however show you some of the behind-the-scenes, the set up and of course I got a chance to hang out with my sister for her 30th […]

  • XL Shoots With Thaddeus Hippy Potter

    Thaddeus describes himself as “a young and talented creative, with a passion for creating truly unique/ afro-futuristic artwork for my customers. Redefining social stereotypes through provocative and vibrant images.” After a few days of coordination efforts, I was finally able to catch up with Thaddeus. From the minute he showed up I knew this was going […]

  • XL Shoots With Nathaniel Jaye

    This weeks XL Shoots features none other than Nathaniel Jaye. I had the pleasure of shooting Nathaniel who is in amazing hairstylist in the North Carolina area. This is my first time doing a shoot where we changed locations and working with the lighting is actually the challenge I’ve been looking for.  I want to continue to push […]

  • XL Shoots We Been Rockin Part 4

    XL Shoots We Been Rockin Part 4 We Been Rockin week has come to a close.. but not without showing you’ll the looks from all the Video and Photo shoot. The fellas of WBR showed up and showed out. Y’all know your boy couldn’t let WBR week-end without a bang. Without further due I present […]

  • XL Shoots With Lance Of Good Boy Fashion

    In the latest edition of XL Shoots, we are featuring Lance aka Good Boy Fashion.  If I had to describe Lance in one word “caterpiller.”  Much like my day with Outfit Of The Week Collabo With Fat Chuck Bass it was an amazing unexpected beautiful day.  With every shoot, I learn a new skill and technique and get just […]

  • XL Shoots I Climbed Stone Mountain

    XL Shoots I Climbed Stone Mountain After about 1 hour and a lot of crying lol I’m joking (maybe not) I made it to the top and my expression is as should (excited). I spent four months practicing day in and day out photography.  Now I introduce XL Shoots to the world. You can book […]

  • XL Shoots Iman & John Birthday Photos

    XL Shoots Iman & John Birthday Photos Happy Birthday to my good friends Iman & John who came all the way from Chicago To spend their birthday with us here in Atl. I had a blast all weekend. So as I treat I shoot there photos. Ever time I get behind the camera I learn […]

  • We Been Rockin Part 3

    We Been Rockin Part 3 We have arrived to the moment I know A lot of y’all have been waiting on. Part 3 of the 4 part series of post from the We Been Rockin weekend. The reason we all came from different parts of the country has arrived. The We Been Rockin photo shoot/video […]

  • XL Shoots Lanquan Wright

    XL Shoots Lanquan Wright In our latest edition of XL Shoots. I had the opportunity of shooting my best friend for the site. With every shoot, I grow and I continue to realize it gets better. So far this is my most comprehensive shoot to date. We shoot at three different location for a three-hours. What […]

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