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  • From ICU To….Part 1

    Sexual Harassment From ICU To… Part 1 By Donavan S. West “I see you. Yeah you; the one that just left the H.R. office. Nose and forehead red, taking the walk of shame; eyes glued to the floor as if to suggest total defeat. Don’t cry!  Well what did you expect? He’s a BOSS for […]

  • 30 Day Mental Diet Challenge

    30 Day Mental Diet Challenge

    30 Day Mental Diet Challenge Change is something people always talk about, they tell you oh you should change you should be nicer, you should be more thoughtful, you should be more caring you should be more compassionate. I’m pretty sure at some point in your life you’ve heard the word change and for many […]

  • You Are Enough Empowerment Tour

    You Are Enough Empowerment Tour I swear it’s funny how one day you could be talking about something and in the next day and manifest itself in your life and that happened to me recently. I was telling my best friend that I want to start covering more events where they talk about empowering people […]

  • Law Of Reciprocity

    Law Of Reciprocity

    Long before I even understood the word “reciprocity” I believed in it. When Lauryn Hill said in Ex Factor “Tell me, who I have to be. To get some reciprocity” I felt it in my bones. I knew that she wanted the love she had given to be received in return. Many of us just […]

  • Hey Bitch 

    Hey Bitch 

    Hey Bitch So my best friend was listening to this podcast with these five women and they were talking about the disrespectful ways men try to talk to them. One of the women proceeds to say that she was walking down the street I believe she lives in New York if I’m not mistaken and […]

  • Let's Talk About Eating In Public

    Let’s Talk About Eating In Public

    Let’s Talk About Eating In Public Last week we talked Whats Your Happy Weight and this week we gonna dive into eating in public. So as a big guy growing up one of the things that I was never comfortable doing was eating in public. It always felt like people were watching me, judging me […]