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Meet Me At The Corner Of Black & Gay.

Meet Me At The Corner Of Black & Gay.

Meet Me At The Corner Of Black & Gay

Meet me at the corner of black & gay we have some things to discuss.

This post has explicit language.

Good morning my name is Kirklan I’m a black gay Jamaican man who lives in America. What did that do to your, soul, when you read that. Did I already lose you? Oh well, I don’t give a fuck. For the people that are still here, I appreciate you taking the time to learn some new shit.

Listen before we get into it if y’all start this oh this is not the time to divide and shit you can also get the fuck out of here too. We’ve been divided and will always be until Cis gendered ( a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex) black people start to truly accept that Allll BLACK LIVES MATTER.  

Growing up before I was ever called a nigger I was called a faggot. Oh and it wasn’t by white people, it was my own black people… but ohhh not any black people it was my mother and father.

So forgive me if I find it difficult to feel safe to march in the street with my fellow black men and women when I’m not sure if there’s gonna be a stone, glass bottle or a gunshot coming from my own people let alone from a racist officer or an angry civilian that feels like “ All Lives Matter” and I shouldn’t be standing up for my people.

To the people who read this and agree that all black lives should matter then thank you. To those of you that feel that this is not the time or the place to be talking about the other divisions in the black community then fuck you. If you wanna learn more about the issues facing the Black LGBT experience then keep reading.

I’m no longer going to allow the pressure of building a brand and the need to make money stop me from talking about the issues that my community face. Black LGBT rights need to be placed at the forefront of what it is I do here at If the CEO can’t talk it about then who can. I want to create a company culture where people feel a safe haven to discuss all Black & Brown Issues, not just the straight ones.

So In honor of Pride Month I’ll be doing this series all month long. So pull up a chair and learn some new shit. Now with that being said, I don’t have all the answers and I don’t know everything. I’ll be pulling on the other letters of the LGBT to help create this space.

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