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  • How I Got My Outfit For Under $20 From Walmart

    Outfit Of The Week  How I Got My Outfit For Under $20 From Wal-Mart Today we’re talking about Wal-Mart’s new mens line, George, and how it includes sizes for the Big & Tall man. We are going to start with the pros of the George line: my entire outfit came up to ….[insert drum rolllll] […]

  • Outfit Of The Week BadRhino’s Hello Spring

      Outfit Of The Week BadRhino’s Hello Spring Today was super busy day. I did six blog post today and this one makes 7 And to top that all off I did this photo shoot for the blog today.  I had a event that I went to later on that night and I took over […]

  • Outfit Of The Week Nathaniel Edition

    Outfit Of The Week Nathaniel Edition So this week I changed up the formula again because I like to keep things fresh and interesting here at             This weeks outfit of the week is being devoted to Nathaniel Jaye outfit at Crusade Of Curves was […]

  • Outfit Of the Week Purple Magic 

    Magic Magic Owww, I don’t know if you’ll know this or not but Myles has been killing the scene and no one is more proud of Myles than me. I hope you’ll enjoy the Purple Magic photos below. Myles Is Wearing Shirt: ASOS Pants: ASOS Shoes: ALDOS Thank you very much for reading this post […]

  • Outfit Of The Week Old School Daze

    Every decision made is to move forward on the site. Myles is truly shaping up to be the an amazing model in his own right. There a million things to do and there are some things only I can do. So I decided to remove myself from the Outfit Of The Week to focus on […]

  • Outfit Of The Week Myles Edition Part 2

      I want to start this off by saying thank you sometimes you guys have no idea what happens behind the scenes how it seems like everything in life is really trying to make sure that you don’t put this blog post out. I refused to let my circumstances get the best of me today. […]

  • Outfit Of The Week I Rep BK & Queens

    Outfit Of The Week I Rep BK & Queens This weeks outfit of the week I wanted to take you back, many people don’t know I’m from BK originally and then we moved to Queens later on in my life. I wanted to pay homage to my city. I wanted to bring the look full […]

  • Outfit Of The Week Prints Oh My

          Hello XL Tribesmen today you guys are getting a live version of what I wore. Normally I will take my photos a week in advance maybe two maybe three and then I’ll just drip drop them out each week. Since Cindy decided she wanted to get her new Canon 50 mm F […]

  • Outfit Of The Week Let It Snow

    Snow days snow days so if you guys know anything about Atlanta snow is not something we get a lot of so anytime it snows I’m going to take the opportunity to shoot in the snow. This week my outfit is acting really compiled of a few different styles together that coordinates really well to […]

  • Outfit Of The Week Dripping In Finesse

    Todays Outfit Of The Week is a little different for me. You’ll know my style is normally all about the non norms of Fashion.  It’s generally not as….. how do I put this dressed up as some of the other XL Influencers but, this week I wanted to do things different. I knew I was […]

  • Outfit Of The Week Churchill Approved

    In 2018 I hope to really upgrade the fashion for y’all to (hundred, thousand, trillion) In My Kanye Voice. So let’s start with the Winston Box. They were gracious enough to send me a second box to start off my new year fresh. Let’s talk about consistency its been four months shy of a whole year I’ve been working […]

  • Outfit Of The Week Tribesmen Camo

    The first Outfit Of The Week for 2018 had to be our own products. Naturally, as the brand grows it is time to expand. We decided to add a new T-shirt and one of my favorite’s at that, a baseball tee. We didn’t want just any baseball tee so I decided to go with the […]

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