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Looking To Get Started In Stocks?

Looking To Get Started In Stocks?

Looking To Get Started In Stocks

Looking To Get Started In Stocks? So you remember last week we talked about how to learn what your passions are. Well, one of my passions is something I would do for free. I’d share with you’ll how to make my money.

If you guys are anything like me either you grew up poor or very close to it. So because I’ve always been without my whole life one of the things that I learned very early on was how to turn the dollar to $.15. I’ve literally been doing that my entire life up until upwards of five years ago when I started this business. Even then the first two years of starting this business I was still extremely poor.

Looking To Get Started In Stocks

I was just getting started and I wasn’t in the money-making phase of my business at that time. In that period of the brand, I was photographing people for free. I started out doing articles for brands for free, I wasn’t getting paid to do content like I am now. At that, it frankly wasn’t something I even know I could do. Well, fast forward three years later and I’m accomplishing all those goals. We get paid by brands to post about their brands. We also get paid from brands to create content that’s just for the brand that has nothing to do with XL Tribe.

I also get paid to photograph people, places, and things. I am a paid photographer now so that’s definitely something that has grown. My passions have been taking me to places that I could never imagine. For heaven’s sake, my photography took me to (NYFW) New York Fashion Week. That was something I never thought I’d be able to accomplish in my life. You see finding my passion took me places that I’m super thankful for.

So now I’m in the space of my life when I’m learning how to make money work for me. I want to continue to give back to people in ways that don’t cost you (the reader) anything. I want to make money doing something I like to call double good. It’s a part of my brand‘s (XL Tribe) mission. Every time I do something that’s paid I do something that’s at no cost at the same time for someone else.

One of those ways I can do double good is through an app that I’ve recently started trading in called Robinhood it is a new app that is a user-friendly trading platform. Many people refer to it as trading for dummies. I myself am very new at it I’m still learning how to trade in the market. Now before you start freaking out you can learn a lot about the app before you spend a dollar.

There’s a lot of education around the app. There’s also a lot of news in the app so you can start to read on the top stocks and learn a little bit more about trading. So in honor of doing double good Robinhood has decided that they’re going to actually give away five stocks to everyone that I refer.

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Looking To Get Started In Stocks

Now, remember I told you to double good so you get five stocks I get five stocks. For free!!!! I mean it’s just really that easy. I can’t even make this stuff up like it’s literally five free stocks and they have all different kinds of stocks. Some of my friends have even scored free Facebook stock, Nike stocks, and much more. The stock opportunities are endless and who doesn’t want free things. Click the link below and sign up for your free five stocks and get started It’s literally free. Looking To Get Started In Stocks? What do you have to lose sign up now!!

Looking To Get Started In Stocks? 

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