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The Gentlemen’s Foundation 3rd Annual Men’s Health & Wellness Fair

The Gentlemen’s Foundation 3rd Annual Men’s Health & Wellness Fair

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The Gentlemen’s Foundation 3rd Annual Men’s Health & Wellness Fair

XL Tribe had the honor of covering The Gentlemen’s Foundation 3rd Annual Men’s Health & Wellness Fair powered by AARP. Any event where there talking about the health issues of men I’m there. To say I learned a lot would be an understatement. The morning began with vendors outside that were showcasing their products and services.

Some of the vendors were Suntrust, A Better Way To Meet, Emory The Hope Clinic, Chef Tea, OMG Booth, Test Atlanta and much more. Of Course, we can’t talk about Health and Wellness and not mention fitness. For the Bootcamp style training, they brought in Brodney and for the Yoga portion which is my favorite the instructor was E.L.R. Yall know I’m hella into yoga right, so I was excited. 

As the event was coming to close I really begin to understand the importance of bringing awareness to men’s health issues. Hopefully, XL TRibe can do our part to push this initiative further.

[bctt tweet=”Thank you to The Gentlemen’s Foundation and can’t wait to see whats cooking for next year events.” username=”xltribe”]


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