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  • NBT Talks Atlanta Stop 

    NBT Talks Atlanta Stop   Today AT NBT Talks the Atlanta Stop they had some major weight on the discussion panel. It was a really informational talk full of people with passion and purpose One quote that stood out was “I always knew what my direction was” by Entrepreneur Darrell Patterson. George OLOKUN has an […]

  • National Curves Day Part 2

    National Curves Day Part 2 Here is part 2 of the amazing fashion show from National Curves Day event. The Event Had Both Plus Men & Women Designers. Designs By DeAngelo One Bone Brand Tru Diva Designs Related By Love LLC Bespoken Brims Ashley Stewart  Eloquii Jon Marc Collection Velve Dore & More  

  • National Curves Day 2018 Part 1

    National Curves Day 2018 Part 1 As always my beautiful community came out, showed out and Slayed. This years National Curves Day was held in a one of a kind venue. It was held at the Ronald Regan National Airport. For almost six month we have been anticipating this night. Its Veni Vidi Vici. Enjoy […]

  • Creation Staycation Drink Of The Month Tequila Sunrise

    Creation Staycation Drink Of The Month Tequila Sunrise     This Staycation was one for the books. We got so many things accomplished. I think thats because we had Tequila lol. All night I kept hearing refills, refills please. So I think I did my job. During this time i wanna introduce my new role […]

  • Lost Files Of FFF Week 2018

    Lost Files Of FFF Week 2018 As a photographer every now and then you simply just take so many photos, and sometimes you forget that you took photos. Since I was asked about some photos I remembered there was a whole set of photos I didn’t post yet.  Since I don’t have a post for […]

  • Atlanta Black Restaurant Week 2018

    Atlanta Black Restaurant Week 2018 This year’s 2018 Black Restaurant Week was pretty good I can’t complain. “Dive into the African diaspora and tantalize your taste buds with flavors of African, African-American, and Caribbean cuisine. From spicy and savory, to sweet and subtle, we will have an array of options suited for every taste. Vegetarian […]

  • MVP Fashion Show At TCFStyle Expo

    MVP Fashion Show At TCFStyle Expo Two weeks ago TCFStyle Expo had its second annual male fashion show sponsored by  MVP Collections. This year’s fashion show with all the fellas was doper than ever. When I tell you the guys did not disappoint, the styles that MVP brought didn’t disappoint either. I enjoy the fact that […]

  • FFF Week Masquerade Ball

    FFF Week Masquerade Ball Friday was the Masquerade Ball and omg It did not disappoint. Everybody came in their best dressed gowns, tuxedos and more. If you were the shy, timid, Felt like you was the ugly kid in your senior year and you didn’t go to prom (just like me) then this was like […]

  • FFF Week Bae Walks

    FFF Week Bae Walks On Thursday June 21, 2018 in the Board Street Ballroom we experienced a show like no other. FFF Week manages to blow my mind. They had not 1 or 2 but seven XL Men designers 7. Do y’all understand the magnitude of 7 designers on the stage!! For many of the […]

  • FFF Week White Party

    FFF Week White Party Curves At Sea  If there was one word to describe the white party it would be, breathtaking. Last year I was on Instagram & I found out about FFF Week because a lot of the fellas that I follow on the gram were on a beautiful yacht in NYC chopping it up […]

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