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So Classic Gents Mass Shoot XL Style

So Classic Gents Mass Shoot XL Style

So Classic Gents Mass Shoot XL Style
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It’s day two of the So Classic Gents Mass Shoot XL Style event. The fellas did a mass shoot where they all dressed up in suits and when I tell you these fellas did not come to play.

So Classic Houston XL Shoots Mar 2022 16 scaled

I mean everyone is dressed up in their absolute finest attire and I really love the idea of the shoots for a multitude of reasons. Number one it’s really setting the standard that XL men look good in any type of garment. Whether it be sportswear, suits, work out attire (Yes Big & Tall Men workout too.) We can look good in anything so the more that people are able to see us in this light we can help to change their perception of how they believe we should and shouldn’t look.

So Classic Gents Mass Shoot XL Style

This type of event is 1000% needed if your going to help push the needle in the right direction. So Classic Gents XL created this mass shoot with big and tall men in suits. I’m so absolutely excited for you all to see how the pictures came out. I wasn’t the lead photographer on this Mass Shoot. In the photographs, you’re about to see all the singles that I shot after the guys did their group shoots. I’m going to tag So Classic Gent’s Instagram page here so you guys can see the group shots they took (Were Shoot By: KCB Photos)

So Classic Gents Mass Shoot XL Style

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