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XL Tribesmen Of The Week Demaine Tyrone

XL Tribesmen Of The Week Demaine Tyrone

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It’s been an interesting 2020 and as we come to a close we wanna honor XL Tribesmen Of The Week Demaine Tyrone he’s our final feature of 2020. See y’all in 2021 with that new new.

1. There are so many fashion brands available now, what do you still think is missing in menswear?

XL Tribesmen Of The Week Demaine Tyrone

As a designer, I think about this question often. I always strive to re-create classic pieces with a pop or twist to keep it exciting and new. I love to take a traditional piece like the hoodie, varsity jacket, or the men’s suit and add elements of surprise, innovative construction, or colour to refresh it. I think that menswear generally tends to be conservative, traditional, and classic which undoubtedly works well with many brands. Personally, I love to design pieces that break those barriers of tradition while embracing them at the same time and that’s the missing piece that my brand Demaine Tyrone delivers.

2. What are some of your personal goals for the last quarter of 2020?

My biggest project is coming to fruition at the moment as I finish up a 7-piece collection that will drop in early 2021. Although it’s business, it’s a collection that is very personal and dear to my heart. Please follow @demainetyrone to stay tuned.

3. What are some of your favorite brands and why?

BALMAIN is my favorite luxury designer. Creative Director Olivier Rousteing is a huge inspiration for me, the Balmain collections he’s done are some of the best in my opinion. The use of colour, texture, and the way the pieces push the limit of modern design and structure is so intriguing and exciting. From the Oscar de La Renta era to now, the brand delivers powerful confidence and aesthetic that is so captivating. I aspire to bring that same energy to my pieces daily.

Virgil Abloh. Period. From his humble beginnings, his artistic rise up, his success as designer, entrepreneur, DJ, he’s conquered it all. He’s the first black man in Louis Vuitton’s 164-year history to debut a men’s-wear line. Come on, he designed Drake’s personal jet. His influence is endless, enough said.

I have to mention my local mentors from Toronto, Rowan James and Sebastian Styles, Toronto. If you are looking for tailored, sophisticated, sexy, menswear look no further than Rowan James. For the mandem who need some style and swag infused into their look, get at Sebastian Styles and pick up a custom fedora while you’re at it.

4. How long have you been on the journey of being a Big & Tall man?

I have always been big and tall. As a basketball player, I was also always surrounded by big and tall guys who were on the same journey. I draw a lot of inspiration and relativity from my high school years and college years when I shared the journey with my peers too. I weathered the days of feeling awkward, dressing awkward, and just feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I believe it gave me an even better understanding of the true needs and possibilities for inclusive clothing design which a huge inspiration behind my work.

XL Tribesmen Of The Week Demaine Tyrone

5. What’s the biggest misconception you hear about Big & Tall Guys?

That big and tall men can’t dress! That they are limited to boring or basic style. This is not our destiny. I want to challenge those damaging misconceptions and end them. Being big and tall should never be a hurdle for self-expression in fashion, it should be an asset. Looking good and feeling good isn’t only for the average-sized man. I want men to know that there is somebody else in their position, who’s felt the insecurity, shame, and

frustration as them but who’s also creating change for those who look and feel different. Come to Demaine Tyrone and we’ll change that immediately. Inclusive sizing from boutique brands will always give you more options than the typical big box plus size menswear lines.

6. If you could swap styles with one celebrity who would it be and why?

Carmelo Anthony is a style boss that I would swap styles with. He’s really on his grown man game with his double-breasted suits, cashmere turtle necks and clean lines. He kills those looks every time. I have some Demaine Tyrone pieces that would fit right in.

XL Tribesmen Of The Week Demaine Tyrone

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