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XL Trailblazers Darius Townsend

XL Trailblazers Darius Townsend

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XL Trailblazers Darius Townsend


What does a typical school day look like for you?
The typical school day for is hard to say because each day is different. It is mainly determined how my students day started before they reach us.

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What is your five-year plan for your career?
My five-year plan is quite simple I do not have anything elaborate planned out. My goal is to continue to impact lives and do whats in Gods will.

What are some of your biggest fashion struggles?
Some of the biggest fashion struggles I face as a Plus size male is finding nice casual clothes in my size with out draining my pockets.

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How would you describe the day you proposed?
Ecstatic, the day I proposed to my fiance was the most nerve wrecking day ever she had no idea that I was going to do. I made a reservation at Elevation Chophouse so we could have the restaurant to yourself, it turned out really nice I am now patiently waiting on May-18.

What is one piece of advice you would give your 21 yr self?
The one advice I would give to myself is the same I tell my students and my football players “have fun, live life don’ t allow what others think about you knock you off your game”


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