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  • Las Vegas Trip Day 3 Recap

    Las Vegas Trip Day 3 Recap This was the hottest day of the summer its was 122 Degrees all day. So I brought the water from the hotel and it was so hot outside that the ice melted from the time I walked out the door till we got to the next hotel. Hat: $9.00 […]

  • Beach Body Ready

    Beach Body Ready My Vegas Trip has thought me a lot. The People you swear are staring and talking about you that shits in your head. I promise you there are always folks that will have something to say but they don’t deserve your energy. It wasn’t always cool to me to be myself and […]

  • Las Vegas Recap Day 2

    Las Vegas Recap Day 2 The time zone changes really mess you up. After what seemed like a short nap we were up again and walking for hours in  and out the heat of the 115 degree Vegas weather. So they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas that a damn lie. lol You’re […]

  • Las Vegas Trip Recap Day 1

    Las Vegas Trip Recap Day 1 The moments leading up to getting on the plane were crazy. It was my first time on the west coast and I was too antsy for my own good, and everything was getting on my last I mean last nerve. The train was taking too long, the people walking […]

  • Kirk's Traveling Post: Charlotte I Was Here

    Kirk’s Traveling Post: Charlotte I Was Here

    In 2017 I have really big plans for this site one of them to travel more and meet you’ll in these cites where Im going. If you interested sign up to my newsletters, which I will start sending out in April. You can sign up below. Below is me in photos. My experience in Charlotte wasn’t […]