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Kirk’s Traveling Post: Charlotte I Was Here

Kirk’s Traveling Post: Charlotte I Was Here

Kirk's Traveling Post: Charlotte I Was Here

In 2017 I have really big plans for this site one of them to travel more and meet you’ll in these cites where Im going. If you interested sign up to my newsletters, which I will start sending out in April. You can sign up below. Below is me in photos. My experience in Charlotte wasn’t the best at all, but Im not ruling it out if Im paid to come back.

IMG 8563

The first morning we got in we checked in our Air B&B and it was not good. Their was dog hair everywhere and it smelled like dog (pee and bad odor.)

IMG 8497 e1490418721744

IMG 8442 e1490419193465

IMG 8569 e1490420872560

Shirt: Old Navy

Pants: Raw

Watch: Apple Watch

Sandals: Guess

Photo Credit: I am Priiincesss 

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