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You Are Enough Empowerment Tour

You Are Enough Empowerment Tour

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You Are Enough Empowerment Tour

I swear it’s funny how one day you could be talking about something and in the next day and manifest itself in your life and that happened to me recently. I was telling my best friend that I want to start covering more events where they talk about empowering people I specifically wanted it to be about men empowerment. I feel like men don’t get enough spaces where they get to be up lifted and celebrated enough. So as many of you know I am I do still have “day job” where I’m a Uber driver and I met this guy by the name of Harold Leffall in the backseat of my Uber. Who knew a Uber ride would change the trajectory of my life.

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The first question out of my mouth was where did you get that shirt because he had on a black shirt with white writing that said [bctt tweet=”I am enough.” Harold Leffall Jr” username=”xltribe”] and I wanted to know where he got the shirt from because I wanted it. Immediately he started telling me about his empowerment tour he was doing here in Atlanta. He used to be an Atlanta native but he moved back out to Oakland and so he was coming back to start his tour and he asked me if I would come to his event. I went to his website joined his email list and then he sent me back an email letting me know I was added to the guest list.

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I’ll cover your event for you I said,  it was the best decision that I ever made because when I got there there was no photographer and it really allowed me to put into place the things that I’ve been wanting to do but never had the opportunity so thank you so much Harold for this opportunity. I want to cover more events like this in the future. I’m telling you guys this man is going to go very far thank you so much for all you do. I have to give it up to the speakers they were wonderful. Your co-partner in this tour Wanda,  her story is fascinating  I feel like Every woman needs to hear this story because when you finish I mean you will feel triumphant.

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