PHAT Girl Fresh Life Styled Honors VIP Mixer

PHAT Girl Fresh Life Style Honored VIP Mixer

So before I start this post I want to thank Alex Karrington if it wasn’t for her I would not have attended is amazing the event that I aspire to one day put on. When I tell you it was amazing that is even an understatement I had a great time meeting all of the fellow bloggers in the plus community but also getting to meet people who I already knew but I’ve been following on Instagram.

Getting to meet them in person was just one of the best part. I had a great time I danced my ass off I had great time chopping it up with the fellas and I don’t even know what more to say just check out the pictures and you’ll see the great time we all had so now you won’t miss 2019’s.

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I guess I’ll start by introducing myself. I’m Kirklan Hawes the Founder and creator of This site was birthed from an old idea I had to create a community of like-minded guys that was tired of being miss represent and wanted to be displayed in the truest form. Changing the way Big & Tall Men are perceived is the goal for

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