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XL’s Featured Tribe Men Of The Week From Cedric Pride

XL’s Featured Tribe Men Of The Week From Cedric Pride

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XL’s Featured Tribe Men Of The Week From Cedric Pride

1. My biggest fashion obstacle is finding stylish clothing that fits my big & tall stature. As a big & tall man it is very hard to find clothing that has plenty of style and fits me. I’ll either find one or the other. It’s fashionable but doesn’t fit, or it’s not fashionable but it’s just my size.
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2. I am from Florence, AL. The biggest fashion trend in my city is what I like to call college prep. My city is a small college town, so a lot of the trends tend to flow with the college atmosphere and the greek life.
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3. My biggest fashion nightmare would be my pants ripping when I go to sit or bend down. This has actually happened to me before. I was at church one Sunday morning, I went to sit down and my pants ripped. Thankfully, I only live about 5 minutes from church, so I could quickly go home and change!
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4. Honestly, my biggest style inspiration comes from Rick Ross. Since he has lost weight I’ve noticed he dresses up a lot more. He has really stepped up the style game for us XL men in my opinion.
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5. In five years I see myself being one of the top designers in the game! I plan to accomplish that by staying consistent, by continuing to grind, and giving it my all every single day.
6. I feel like style and variety is missing in fashion for the men of size. There are not enough options for us and I feel like that affects bigger men’s confidence. If you can’t find something fashionable in your size, then you are forced to just choose whatever is available to you, while other sizes have a ton of options.
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7. If I could swap styles with one celebrity it would definitely be Rick Ross, because I love his style. His style gives off a boss vibe. He’s a business man that I respect and his style speaks to what he represents.
Cedric Pride
Facebook: C.Pride
Instagram: pride_noshame
Snapchat: cedpride
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