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XL Shoots With Jay

XL Shoots With Jay

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XL Shoots With Jay

This week we are also introducing XL Shoots. One of the things that I wanted to start doing is learning how to be a photographer. The reasons for that is so that I will be able to grow into the brand that I want. I’m very passionate about helping big guys feel better about themselves through fashion. Wardrobe makeover’s, and shooting the Weekly and Monthly Tribesmen is hella important to me. In order for that to happen,  I need to become a great photographer. Through this series, I hope to inspire other guys out there to look and feel better about themselves and follow their passion because lord knows this is years in the making. I hope you all enjoy.

For our inaugural shoot, I had the pleasure of shooting with Jay. Honestly, I was a 100% taken aback by him seeing the talent in me to shoot period. So when he reached out I was looking around like who me? Jay provide all his own styling, I came up with the location which is the Krog Street area here in Atlanta and the rest was history. It took a few minutes to get into the groove but after that, it was a great flow of energy that all transferred on camera. Thanks Jay for believing that I could do this…

PS if you looking to collaboration contact me via the contact us form or DM us on Instagram.


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