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Introducing American Tall

Introducing American Tall

Introducing American Tall


Q) Where do you see Tall Men’s Fashion in three to five years?

A) Online shopping has changed the retail landscape dramatically and nowhere is it more noticeable than in niche markets like Tall men’s fashion. Traditional retailers cannot afford to have all the sizes and colors in various styles that they would need to properly cater to the Tall market because there isn’t a dense enough “Tall” population in any geographic location. Online we can gather all those tall men and offer a broad range of styles, colors and sizes and have sufficient demand to sell at reasonable prices. The next 5 years will see a proliferation of online merchants offering an ever increasing array of niche products to the point where the Tall men’s market mirrors the general men’s fashion market.

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Q) Describe what it was like the days before & after your launch of American Tall ?

A) We took almost 1 year to research our market, testing fabrics, fits, styles and demographics before opening our doors in March 2016. The month leading up to our launch was hectic and extremely tense because all the styles that we had produced overseas were stuck in Customs going through numerous inspections. We could not get anyone to provide a reasonable estimate for the release date for our goods and we had advised our followers that we would begin selling in March so we were understandably worried. We recognized from the beginning that credibility is critical in this market because our customers have been conditioned to believe that nothing will fit them properly and here we were, promising a fantastic fit, great service, good prices and great looks. A mis-step with our launch timing would have cast doubt on the rest of our claims. Luckily our goods were only held up for 4-5 weeks and we had a smooth launch. The days following our launch were amazing! We got such great feedback from all these new customers who let us know that indeed we were offering great products that lived up to all our hype. It’s one thing to know that there is a market with pent up demand for your products… it’s another thing to actually receive hugely positive reviews and letters thanking us for finally recognizing the needs of the Tall market.

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Sales actually started much more slowly than we expected because we naively believed that as soon as people learned about us they would order clothing from us. It was a bit of an awakening to realize that all these really tall men weren’t actually walking around naked but rather, were somehow finding clothes that worked for them -even if they didn’t fit perfectly. We’ve since learned that as these tall men need new clothes we are being given a chance to impress them. If you read the reviews you will see that our products and our service are winning us the loyalty of our market.

Our Fit shirt

Q) Tell us about a customers feedback that impacted you ?

A) It’s difficult to choose just one example! A few months ago, Jake, our Director of Brand Experience met with a young man who is 7 feet tall and slim. The young man didn’t believe the clothes would fit him so Jake arranged a personal “fit session” and brought him some pants and a shirt to try on. When he emerged from his room he had tears in his eyes. He explained that he hadn’t had clothes that fit since he was 12 years old.

We receive emails from mothers almost daily, thanking us for finally making clothes for their extremely tall, young sons (16-19 years old). They explain how difficult it is to find nice styles that fit and how our clothes make their sons feel like they fit in better. The offers from customers to model for our site for free, just to feel like they are helping us in return for the joy we have brought them with our line. After spending 35 years manufacturing and supplying retail stores with their clothes and constantly hearing complaints that everything is too expensive or not being delivered soon enough, it is incredibly gratifying to hear constant thanks and praise for our efforts. We knew that we would have to make a real effort to serve our customers and earn their loyalty but the wonderful feedback we get has caused us to continually raise the bar and go to unheard of lengths to show our customers how important they are to us.

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Q) What’s the story behind the name ? ( How did you’ll come up with the name?)

A) We played with several names but kept coming back to the one that really spoke to us about the qualities we wanted to be recognized for. We feel strongly about “standing tall”- being proud of who you are, where you come from and what you value. American Tall embodies those beliefs and defines our market. Since we focus on selling in North America the name is perfect for us.

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Q) What’s one fun fact about you that we would all be surprised to find out?

A) Shh….we are Canadian!

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