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S2 Ep:6 All Things Big & Tall Modeling With Myles David

S2 Ep:6 All Things Big & Tall Modeling With Myles David

All Things Big & Tall Modeling With Myles David

In Season 2 Ep:6 we talk about All Things Big & Tall Modeling With Myles David.

The story of me and Myles go way back for about two years and I’m super excited about is the opportunity to be able to share this story because I waited for a long time to share this story of both Myles and me meeting each other.

However, I don’t actually know why I waited this long to share this story but I’m so happy that Myles agreed to be on the podcast. We share the story of how we met how he got signed so thank you guys so much in advance for listening to this week’s podcast with Myles David. Myles and I have so much history and It’s so amazing to have this full-circle moment. During this conversation with Myles it actually was so organic and actually ended up talking about more than one topic which actually worked in our favor.

Do you know what that means???? There’s going to be a part two to this episode where we going to talk about ghosting so listen to this weeks episode and also stay tuned for next weeks episode for part two with Myles which we dive into even more on the topic of ghosting in how he feels about it and how I feel about it so stay tuned ladies and gents.

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