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XL Tribesmen Celebrities Daymon Patterson

XL Tribesmen Celebrities Daymon Patterson

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XL Tribesmen Celebrities Daymon Patterson

How did you get started on YouTube?
1. Started out as an Assistant Manager with Walmart in Rocky Hill, CT – Filming food reviews during my lunch hour on my Kodak Vloggie. I wanted to give the people an everyday persons review on food that was REAL! Not some paid commercial on TV where folks said that everything was amazing. I had fun delivering the information both good or bad, just as the product was delivered.

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What do you think has been the secret sauce to your success?
2. Personality! People that watch my food reviews, rarely even eat Fast Food but they tune in for the high energy and “comical relief” that most of my reviews provide. I can be quite informative and the best part would be the fact that I make you actually WANT to try the items if I actually enjoy them.

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For all the new YouTuber’s out there what’s one piece of advise you’d share to help us along the way?
3. BE YOURSELF! Everyone is chasing “clout” and want instant fame! They want their channels hitting YouTube Trending as often as possible and for that, they will do just about anything and or copy someone else’s style in hopes to get there. JUST BE YOU! Do not worry about what everyone else is doing…work on creating your own lane for that is exactly what I did! I was the first person to do in-car food reviews on the site and soon after, many others started doing the same but the difference is how fast my style was recognized which led to so many other works OFF the platform.

A. Going into my 4th Season on the Rachael Ray Show as her Food Correspondent
B. Multiple Sponsorship Deals through the course of the year since 2013
C. Started my own Company: Daym Good Entertainment Inc back in 2013
D. Currently on my second Web Series with Complex Media & First We Feast (Bite Fight) and the first show is called (Taste Buds)

How has your success improved you & families life?
I say that, to say this….JUST BE YOURSELF for folks are always watching and more so, your growth and longevity depends on it!

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4. I remember the days of living check to check and that was with working more than one job! Bills are a friend to no one but we are at times our own worse enemies when it comes to creating those bills. I am now in a place where my girls have more options in life for their education and continued education. I heavily invest into that life for both of my children. I also recall the days where I would want to travel abroad but really did not have the funds to do so and now we just up and leave, as we see fit to do as a Family but having Money isn’t everything for just as fast as it comes, it can also go. The importance to stack for a rainy day is indeed a must! As Influencers and Creators, many of us make a ridiculous amount of money, they type of money that one could only often dream about with no college education.

I come from an era where you were fortunate to make $15.00hr in your early 20s and now you have those in their early 20s who are either already Millionaires or about to be Multi Millionaires off making the right business moves once their work started to get recognized and they built an audience in number. It is awesome to watch!

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How do you find New restaurants to review?
5. As far as finding new restaurants to review, it is all about my Foodie Fam! They send in requests DAILY for me to try new spots and I just select from the forever growing list of requests! They most definitely make my job easier, even when I am traveling!

Full Name: Daymon Patterson
Entertainer Name: Daym Drops
Youtube: – 890k Subscribers
Facebook: – 2.1M Followers
Twitter: @daymdrops / Instagram: @officialdaymdrops

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