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Why Big & Tall Brands Don’t Invest In Fashion Shows?

Why Big & Tall Brands Don’t Invest In Fashion Shows?

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Why Big & Tall Brands Don’t Invest In Fashion Shows is a question I plan to answer today. While on live one of my followers asked me a question that was so right on the head it caused me to write an entire blog post. I have been blogging for over 11 years however is only four years old. So because of this I have a lot of knowledge in this space. Working with the likes of Marie on the TCF Expo, Gwen Of FFF Week and Mallory of Crusade Of Curves I have learned a lot about the Women’s Plus Size Fashion side of retail.

One thing I can tell you is that women brands see the value in investing in a fashion show or truck show. They understand that this is a future investment in creating both brand identity and awareness. They also understand that they need to tap into the community around Plus Size in order to make it. However on the flip side…. The Plus Men’s space or Big & Tall space is realllllllllly new.

Many of the Big & Tall men brands are ran by people who aren’t on the ground or have boots on the ground to see the movement. I have been screaming from the roof tops and I will continue to do so. WE WANT FASHIONABLE OPTION JUST LIKE THE STRAIGHT SIZE MEN HAVE. We are tired of seeing the basics (although I understand that its needed) there has to be a balance. If you walk into a room and there’s 10 Big & Tall guys more than likely 6 out of 10 have the same brand or designer because there are about 7 or maybe 8 brands that truly make stylish and cutting edge clothes. To top that off most of the 7 or 8 brands aren’t located in USA there in where ….. you guessed it (UK) .

Why Big & Tall Brands Don't Invest In Fashion Shows?
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So when the question comes up as Why Big & Tall Brands Don’t Invest In Fashion Shows… I have to say I believe its a combination of a few things;

  • Money
  • Boots On The Ground (ie Old Money)
  • Lack of New Vision
  • If it ain’t broke don’t fix it mentality

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