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NYE Inspiration Looks

NYE Inspiration Looks

NYE Inspiration Looks

NYE Inspiration Looks

So I was a little late this week don’t kill me, Im sorry. It took me awhile to find my inspiration this week, but once I did it came to me like lighting. I’ve been searching for “Brawn” size brands for a few days.  “Brawn” is the new term I discovered while doing my research. Its used to described a plus size man which I think is really cool. In my quest I discovered a site called King Size Direct.  They got some fly ass shit on their site I so go check it out . I put together a NYE look that I though would be dope if you live in a state as cold as mine or colder then you’ll should love it.
New Balance Lace Up

New Balance Lace Up $126

1179 36927 mc 2319

Shooter Shirt by Boulder Creek $21

1169 24448 mm


1162 13248 mc 0140

Cargo Pocket Twill Jacket by Boulder Creek $47.99

IMG 0391

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