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What’s Your Take On Men’s Shapewear?

What’s Your Take On Men’s Shapewear?

What's Your Take On Men's Shapewear?

What’s Your Take On Men’s Shapewear?

I swear my love for fashion maybe a little on the obsessive side these days.  While I was driving today on my way to drop something off for work (yeah I still have a day job for NOW) randomly a thought came to me. What’s my take on men’s shapewear I asked myself? I’ve been debating this for quite some time now. On one hand, I’m all for getting rid of the gender norms in fashion if a woman can wear shapewear why can’t a man right?


On the other hand, I feel like wearing shapewear doesn’t allow you the space to accept yourself just the way you are in that moment. I honestly can tell you that I don’t always feel the most confident in the way my stomach looks in clothes either so it’s not like I’m some skinny dude from the outside judging.

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Then there another side of me that feels well who am I to judge if my fellow Brawn man feels he need to wear then, by all means, wear it. Kevin Fanning of Racked explained his journey to Man Spanx’s and how they change the way he felt about himself.

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Wearing Spanx didn’t magically turn me skinny. But when I finished getting dressed, my clothes magically fit for the first time ever. I felt transformed into a newer, slightly less blobby version of myself. I felt confident about how I looked, in a way that was more like stepping into a new skin than merely cinching up the old … With Spanx I could let go of my worries about my body. I didn’t have to suck in my stomach because it was being done for me. All the mental energy I spent each day worrying what people thought of me was freed up.

I spent the rest of the day learning to appreciate the new me, who stood tall and smiled at strangers. I felt like the type of person who could possibly be fun at parties. I was already starting to forget the old me, the lumpy and misshapen me who never stood up straight and whose shirt buttons continually puckered, and who prayed daily the castle wall of his jeans could withstand the attack of his encroaching waistline.

What’s Your Take On Men’s Shapewear?

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