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How I Got My Outfit For Under $20 From Walmart

How I Got My Outfit For Under $20 From Walmart

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Outfit Of The Week  How I Got My Outfit For Under $20 From Wal-Mart

Today we’re talking about Wal-Mart’s new mens line, George, and how it includes sizes for the Big & Tall man. We are going to start with the pros of the George line: my entire outfit came up to ….[insert drum rolllll]  under $20…. OKkkkkkk.

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Shirt:George Polo Arctic White $5.00

Shorts:George Flat Front Short $7.50 Or $9:50 For Sizes Over 42

Socks: George Rugby Crew Socks $1.50

The shirt sizes go up to a size 3XL in store and size 5XL online. The pants go up to a size 44 in store and a size 56 online. Honestly, I was impressed that they had these sizes in general. So I had a sense of pride knowing that Wal-Mart took effort to make sure the big and tall man was included in their launch of the George clothing brand. But that changed when I saw the commercial.

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The cons. When the commercial was released it showed the kids line, the woman’s line, the woman’s plus line and then there was George. I do appreciate them launching George and putting us all on the one brand. However, what I don’t appreciate is the fact that I did not see one big and tall man in their commercial what so ever. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of XL Men that saw the commercial and thought well I’m not represented so I guess I have to go to X,Y and Z store to find clothes for myself. So the more men of size that think that way the more customers Wal-Mart is potentially sending to their competitors.


The fact is they do have big and tall sizes but because we weren’t represented in the marketing someone may not know that. I decided to do this post today to express my disappointment in Wal-Mart for not ensuring their commercials show men of size. Also, to inform men of size that Wal-Mart does indeed carry our sizes in the store and online. Hey Wal-Mart, you’re welcome. Now going forward I hope to see more big and tall men in your commercials, and in your marketing campaigns over all.

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Walamrt 25 Challange 2

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