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XL Saturday Stories The Journey, Body And Spirit

XL Saturday Stories The Journey, Body And Spirit

XL Saturday Stories The Journey, Body And Spirit

XL Saturday Stories The Journey, Body, And Spirit

Simply put, “I like being big”, however at my weight, I realized I was cutting the time I would have with my children by not taking care of myself. The conundrum ensued, how do I embrace my XL lifestyle but become a healthier person? 440….thats how much I weighed a little over a year ago. I had flown back home to Cleveland to surprise my Mother on Mothers Day. When I walked in I noticed her weight loss, at that moment, for some reason, seeing my Mom do it, made it tangible. That Monday I signed up at Anytime Fitness and began my journey.


Let’s be clear, it sucked at first. For the first few months, I didn’t publicize any of it. I got up at 4:40 (yes the time was intentional) and hit the gym every morning. Fast forward today, I am down 180 pounds and have never felt better. As cliché as that is to say it’s the truth. Walking into a store and not having to order online, the infamous “sweat towel” haha, randomly being out of breath for no reason and my personal favorite FLYING. All of these things I once dreaded, now I look forward to them.


I could give you my workouts, my recipes, my routines, but what it really came down to was a mindset. A mindset of understanding the only true currency is time, no matter how many “bags” you secure when you are on your death bed, you can’t buy any more time. So….how do you get more of it? Simple, decide now to extend your life, be healthier, meditate, exercise your mind, learn new things, PRAY unceasingly and understand [bctt tweet=” The biggest rewards are often on the other side of the hardest challenges.”]


XL Saturday Stories The Journey, Body And Spirit

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