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Outfit Of The Week Summer Ain’t Over Bih

Outfit Of The Week Summer Ain’t Over Bih

Outfit Of The Week Summer Ain’t Over Bih


So this weekend I was invited to a TUC Magazine Swim Suit Fashion Show and as most everybody knows I feel like everybody keeps promoting this always the end of summer idea. Where Bih its hot as all get out here in ATL. Summer for me still because I live in a hot southern state and it’s gonna be hot all the way up to basically Thanksgiving maybe even Christmas. So we got a long time of summer left and I’m a milk all the summer looks I can.

Any-who I’ve had this Jersey in my closet for years and I never felt comfortable wearing it because I never really thought it looked right on me but for some reason today… Oh today  I thought I was hot shit and I’m excited about that. In other New I am coming to New York and I’m excited about that so if you guys want to shoot with me while I’m in New York just go ahead and message me on Instagram on Facebook or leave a comment on the site. Let’s make magic together. 

Shirt: Trunk Fit $7

Pants: Walmart $3

Shoes: JCPenny $20

Photography : Shots By Priiincesss

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