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Outfit Of The Week Bear Skn Take 2

Outfit Of The Week Bear Skn Take 2

Bear Skn

Outfit Of The Week Bear Skn Take 2

Round Two When Bear Skn hit me up to let me know that they were releasing their new collection of bamboo striped boxer beliefs. I instantly though yes of the course the response last time was so overwhelmingly positive, sure I’ll go for around two. I choose the greenery collection to shoot in this week’s photo shoot. The last time we worked together I wasn’t truly being as comfortable as I wanted to so naturally, I held back.  So this time around I knew that I had to push myself and I promise as every day goes by and I feel the love from everyone it helps me become more and more comfortable in my own skn as well.

I’m wearing the three pack greenery edition and listen, fellas, when I tell you it’s just like their description states it truly feels like you have no underwear on at all. TMI moment we all know that feeling at the end of the day when it feels like there too much moisture down there, these totally eliminate that problem.  In all my years of wearing underwear never have I feel so good. So as always it ain’t no fun if my Tribesmen can’t have none so if you wanna try your own pair you use the offer code “XLTRIBE25” at checkout to save 25% your next purchase.


DSC0763 DSC0760 DSC0758 DSC0756 DSC0722 DSC0717 DSC0699 DSC0614 DSC0637

Shirt: Nautica & XL Tribesmen

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Underwear: Bear Skn (Sponsored)

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