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XL’s Featured Tribesmen Of The Week Byron Curry

XL’s Featured Tribesmen Of The Week Byron Curry

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XL’s Featured Tribesmen Of The Week Byron Curry

1) What are your biggest fashion obstacles?

Myself. I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to fashion. I used to buy trendy stuff that I only wore a couple times or I’d get pieces tailored down too much and as soon as I had a big lunch, I would be uncomfortable in my clothes. I work for a company called Destination XL that caters to men of size so I have access to a plethora of different styles of clothing. I constantly have to restrain myself from impulsively buying things I don’t need. As a larger guy, especially if you’re just starting out in menswear, you should invest in easily incorporable, non-trendy pieces that you’ll be able to get the most use out of. It’s hard at first because you don’t know what you like on yourself, you only know what you like on other people. What works for them might not work for you. So find what you like and stay with it. That’s how you develop yourself and your style.

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2) Where are you from? What are your biggest fashion trends in your city?

I’m from everywhere, honestly. We moved a lot growing up, but majority of that was spent in Texas. I currently live in Shreveport, Louisiana. There’s not that much fashion influence here, you rarely see fashionable guys. The trends in my city are t-shirts and shorts. Which means 90% of the time, I feel overdressed. You can go to different businesses & see men in suits but nothing “trendy” or fashion-forward, unfortunately.

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3) Tell us about your biggest fashion nightmare and if it came true do explain. (attach a picture if you can)

Having clothes I love rip on me is horrible! Getting the perfect fit on anything is hard, costly, and time consuming (but definitely worth it). So finding that perfect fit then having to start all the way over because you squatted down too fast is frustrating. I’ve had to learn the hard way on multiple occasions. I used to get my trousers cut like jeans but the material isn’t made to be that fitted. So it would always rip the crotch. I studied and became knowledgeable of trouser fit, tailoring tricks, uninterrupted breaks, and visual streamlines. This understanding definitely made a difference. I can’t stress it enough to do your research on clothes, they need as much attention and care as you do. As I continue to learn about menswear, the easier and more effortless it all becomes.

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4) What are some of your biggest style inspirations?

I’m obsessed with and love everything about classical menswear, opposed to casual menswear. People like @shibumifirenze, @buzzspoke, @tmhbrl, @kleidsam, and @bntailor definitely inspire me to step my game up a little. My lifestyle right now requires casual dress majority of the time. However, I’m currently trying to transition my wardrobe to include more classical pieces, which is why my Instagram posts have been scarce lately. Menswear takes time and effort. Growing in it and developing that eye for it doesn’t happen overnight.


5) Where do you see yourself in five years? How do you see yourself accomplishing it?

In 5 years, I see myself fully developed in myself and my style. By then, I’ll be where I really want to be in menswear. My wardrobe would be fully converted to classical style and I’ll be building upon it. I’m currently working on a personal wardrobe consulting business where I’d meet people (large or small guys) and help them shop. I’d consult with them on what would look good on them, transition into what they already have at home, and compliment their everyday lifestyle. We’d upgrade their style and help them put together appropriate outfits for different occasions based on their own preferences. It will be very local, initially. 5 years from now though, I definitely see it expanding and gaining traction.

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6) What do you feel is missing in fashion for the men of size?

I think one of the most important things missing in menswear for men of size is accessories. Shirts, pants, shoes, and jackets aren’t hard to find. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, clothes can be custom made and look exceptional. It’s the extra long ties, larger braces, bigger hats, longer bracelets, glasses with wider frames, etc. that are lacking. I see a lot of guys who wear skinny ties because they’re trendy, or because they can’t find any other. Once you develop an understand of proportional clothing, you’ll know why that looks awkward. Bigger accessories compliment a bigger guy. If you wear small accessories, it makes you look gigantic in comparison. You really have to do some searching to find larger accessories and most of the time, you only have a couple options. I’d love to see more options in that category that aren’t tacky, basic, or minimal. It’s going to get to a point where bigger guys have to have everything bespoke, from head to toe; which would be very luxurious but also unfortunate.

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