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How Do You Receive Compliments?

How Do You Receive Compliments?

How Do You Receive Compliments?

How Do You Receive Compliments? I wanna talk about some real shit today. Are y’all ready to receive these compliments?

Today I want to talk to you guys about confidence. As a Big & Tall guy I know one of the struggles We have is constantly feeling like we aren’t good enough. We don’t have “washboard abs”, we don’t have mainstream media’s idea of a beach body.

Man fuck that shit I feel like as a Big and Tall positive influencer my entire objective is to help you guys look and feel your best at all times. One of the ways we do that is by finding you’ll the right clothes. It will (& should) help us feel better about ourselves. But there just one thing once the clothes come off if you don’t feel good then that lack of confidence will start to rear its ugly-ass head.

So I decided to start working on a confidence-boosting series with yall. Let’s start here fellas when someone gives you a compliment like (oh you look good old or they think you’re handsome or they think you smell good) please don’t reply with that oh me line. You know what I mean that old oh “you talking to me” sounding all shocked and shit. Also, don’t say “I’m just regular” or my other favorite “oh me little me I’m nobody”.

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Start responding with thank you I appreciate that. I receive that. Changing those little phrases and how you respond to compliments can definitely be a big confidence booster. It shows humility without being cocky. And, listen even if you don’t feel 100% your best say you receive that because someone else is seeing the blessing that God created . I know some days you just feel like shit and we all have those feelings where we feel crappy so that’s neither here nor there but receive the blessing I promise you it will start to change your outlook on how you see yourself.

How Do You Receive Compliments? Now you know. Until next time take care fellas.

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