Body Freedom

Body Freedom

Good day gents I wanted to talk to you guys today about body freedom. Now for most of us on the East Coast and in the Midwest it’s starting to really warm up and hot boy summer is quickly approaching. I think it’s time to reiterate the statement that I like to say every year (YOU ALREADY HAVE A BEACH BODY). You know how you get this beach body you take your body to the beach (Vala Magic)  beach body. Body Freedom.

I personally know that the journey of accepting your body the way it is is not easy. However, one thing I can tell you it’s fucking rewarding. The world tries to continuously tell us we need to look a certain way, we need to act a certain way and I’m just saying when you have body freedom that shit goes out the window. Your body is fine, you’re amazing and that’s that on that.

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Now this doesn’t go to say that maybe you might have some areas of your body that you’re not all the way comfortable with because it’s unrealistic to say oh we love our bodies 100%. I’m also not gonna sit up here and lie to y’all like that but I think it’s important to overall be happy with the picture that you see in the mirror. PS as I’m writing this I’m looking at myself in the mirror telling myself you were bomb ass motherfucker and don’t let nobody tell you any different now go on press forward and do amazing shit and until next time let your body be free.

Body Freedom.

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