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Bloggers & XL Trailblazers Share One Piece Of Advice To Anyone Starting Their Body Positive Journey

Bloggers & XL Trailblazers Share One Piece Of Advice To Anyone Starting Their Body Positive Journey


Bloggers & XL Trailblazers Share One Piece Of Advice To Anyone Starting Their Body Positive Journey

In a recent conversation, I had with a friend of mine I was asked how I got started on my Body Positive journey or (BOPO). From that conversation, my curiosity leads me to the wonder how did all the other leaders in our space do it.  I decided that I wanted to pull together another round up post of the top bloggers and trailblazer to ask them all one question. What’s one piece of advice you would give to anyone starting their body positive journey?


Marv Neal

Believe in yourself period if you want to change it you can it’s all in the mind if you can change your mind you can change anything.

Rob Robinson

Be Confident. Be Bold. Be Different. [bctt tweet=”Body positive is not about being a certain size; it’s about embracing your body the way it is. By Rob Robinson #bigguytwitter” username=”xltribe”]

Denzel Alexander

Monochromed lifestyle. ⚪️⚪️⚪️ Music Vibes: Rake It Up – Yo Gotti.

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“The body positivity community is one of individuality and creativity. I would recommend letting your personality flourish throughout the message you’re delivering! Just be yourself and have fun!”

Francis Lee Baker

Don’t stop, I wanna ride that wave ? ?????

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[bctt tweet=”I would say focus on being the most confident and healthy version of yourself. By Francis Baker ” username=”xltribe”] The only opinion of your body that matters is your own. A lot of times we project our own insecurities on to other people. You can’t expect anyone to appreciate you if you don’t. At the end of the day, you have to own your body type, big or small. Fashion is a great tool to build confidence. For me looking and feeling good has become less dependent on my body and more dependent on my style and way of life.

The Big Fashion Guy

|#TheBigFashionGuy| A little #TbT #FbF July 2016…Looking like a five course meal ???

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So my number one advice would be to love and embrace the things about yourself you can’t change and change the things you have the power and ability to change. Confidence stems from self-love and self-love motivates, inspires, and draws people near.

Fat Chuck Bass

My word of advice would remain ignorant to the negative voices that believe they have a say on what beauty is. Beauty is shapeless genderless and in the eye of the beholder. It’s up to you to look into that mirror and love the image reflecting back at you! Challenge yourself to choose a feature about yourself to love about yourself everyday some days it’s my belly some days it’s my legs find the POSITIVES! It’s truly empowering! Learn to love yourself as you are now, It makes it that much easier to love the person you’ll become! You can’t expect others to love and accept you if you can’t accept and love yourself ?

Darnel Ghramm


I would tell anyone that’s starting their body positive journey to stay true to themselves. There will be some negatives along the way but all the positives truly out weigh the bad. When I started my body positive journey through fashion, my social media community was and still are very supportive. At the beginning, I struggled in the fashion world. In the eye of the fashion world, I was not suitable because I was too big, not tall enough, and I just didn’t have the look.
Although at first I was given negative feedback from the fashion world I did not give up. Shortly after I decided to take actions into my own hands and posted professional photos of myself on my social media. I started to receive positive messages about me giving people confidence and inspiring them to feel good in their own skin. All the support pushed me to continue on and not give up. Now I look back and think to myself who would’ve thought the guy that was too big, wasn’t tall enough, and the guy who just didn’t have the look would be here today signed to Bridge Models. My advice to anyone starting their body positive journey is to never give up your journey. If it is something you truly want to accomplish you must fight for it. Remember these three things: remember your purpose, stay true to yourself, and do what you love.
 “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”― Rachel Zoe


MCE……Get You A Me! #Simple

A post shared by Isiah Fame-Kills Miller (@kills4fashion) on

My body positivity is to not think about how others want to see me but how I look at myself! I Look in the mirror eeeeveryday and tell myself how beautiful/handsome I am no matter the size find that love within and think positive thoughts everyday cause it’s so easy to gain negative. I never hear positivity spreading it’s always negativity so I turned that into a goal through my fashion while riding in my car and even while I’m at work! Set GOALS, reach and ACHIEVE them! I have to live for me and not the world…..

Rah Da Dream

I think the most important advice I would give anyone starting their body positive movement is to never give up! I think it’s important to keep going until you hit a breakthrough. It can get hard sometimes but if this journey is something you really want it’s important to stay focused until you’ve reached your goal. Also having a support team to help, having people who constantly encourage and call you on your shit is very important too, hearing the hard truth is better than a fluffed up lie, so on this journey, I would say the over all important factor is determination & dedication!

Reginald Sherard

Rekindled her old passion. #photography

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I would advise them to understand what it really means. Low self-esteem or shame masked as pride is not body positivity.  Your worth and what goes on with your physical body are two separate entities. What you look like should not persuade your decision to be kind and love others while loving yourself.


Daniel Franzese

Look even better in the morning. @thewinstonbox #movefashionforward #brawn #bigandtallfashion ?: @fasulo_

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As an actor, my advice would be to ACT like you love yourself and are fully confident even if you don’t. Acting that way makes people treat you differently and the way they treat you just might make you actually be more confident.

Gentlemen Curb

You are a one to one. ???? @badrhinouk #gentlemenscurb #brawnfit

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My advice to anyone beginning their journey is to love themselves first. You have to embrace your flaws, your imperfections. Body positivity is working towards the best version of yourself. Once those things are in place, don’t look back! Enjoy yourself and enjoy your life.

Big Man Culture

I would say let it hang all out!! Lol. Confidence is key and once you’re comfortable in your skin you’re comfortable in any environment.

Hope Dealer Mike

A post shared by Mike Byrd (@hopedealer_mike) on

The best advice I’d give someone starting their body positivity journey would be, learn to accept compliments, but don’t let that be the measure that defines your worth and, or attractiveness.


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