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We Don’t Want The Representative Lets Connect On Purpose With Jelani Maleeq

We Don’t Want The Representative Lets Connect On Purpose With Jelani Maleeq

We Don't Want The Representative

We Don’t Want The Representative So Let’s Connect On Purpose Im excited for you’ll to hear this episode.

Every episode I bring to you is completely out of passionate. I hope that explains my absence.  Sometimes I’d like to produce more podcasts on a weekly basis but like I said before I have to come off of inspiration and sometimes I’m just simply not inspired to create. However, with our special guest this episode I was totally inspired to create. Actually, I created a bunch of content this weekend and one of those is this podcast I also did a video with you guys seem to love.

I’m so excited about that, and I can’t wait to do more videos for you guys. In this episode, we talk about bringing your representative. For those of you who aren’t aware a representative is a person that you bring on a first date for example and who isn’t the truest version of who you are. It’s just an extension of you but not all of you. A lot of people do it when they go on a first date because they want to impress the person but then a few dates later the truest you come out.

We Don't Want The Representative

For example, you’re not always cleanest or you may not always be well-dressed, however, when you went on the first date you were very dapper, hair clean, fingernails cut dressed to the nines and that’s the representative you brought on the date with you. However, you are that’s not cool dude. Being  your true self helps you avoid the classic line ” you changed your not the same person I meet.”  So listen below and tell me how you feel in the comments I’d like to understand more of why people decide to bring their representatives.


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