Savage X Satin Jacquard Long Robe Review

Savage X Satin Jacquard Long Robe

I wanted to review the Savage X Satin Jacquard Long Robe. So y’all know savage X Fenty dropped their volume three line which I’m super excited about.

I’m finally getting to wear some of the pieces for y’all I like personally. I love monochromatic look first. Second the color green is my favorite color (hint hint) so that works out perfect for me.

Savage X Satin Jacquard Long Robe

If I had it my way I just wanted one thing Savage X, if y’all can put like a button right here in the middle just one button it would’ve just set it off for me. Which I will eventually just get the tailor to do.

We have approximately one month and about two weeks left in 2021 I simply cannot believe this year is absolutely finished it is wild to me. So I figured why not push myself to do something that made me uncomfortable to do and do it. Because in 2022 get ready to see much more fashion-forward pieces Im ready.

However, I want to hear from you did y’all purchase any of thee Savage X pieces which one was your favorite. Tag us in your post on IG so we can repost your looks.

Im excited to see how you’ll rock your pieces.

Ps So while I was doing some research after I wrote this post. I discovered there’s a piece that was in that show that I don’t see for sale. RiRi where is this piece????? See below!!!

Screen Shot 2021 11 21 at 3.59.52 PM
Savage X Satin Jacquard Long Robe
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