Outfit Of The Week Sweater Fly

“It’s 45 Degrees Today “

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Outfit Of The Week Sweater Fly

Listen normally I’m wearing shorts however when it gets down to 39 degrees and under I don’t play with the radio ok. I put me on some pants. However, today’s colder than normal weather for Atlanta is killing me. I wearing a sweater yall and I’m fly while doing it.  So I wanted to dive a little deeper in this post. Follow me here, I’ve been pushing this brand as far as I know how, but last week was challenging AS FUCK.  To say the least. I felt defeated this is my 10th year as an entrepreneur and really I feel like I should have had my shit together but I don’t and the truth of the matter is I don’t give a fuck anymore.


Follow me I don’t want to lose anybody here. I’ve decided to let go of the idea that I have allowed myself to believe in, that I should have it all together. Within the last year, I truly started to feel like I finally getting a hang of this entrepreneurship shit. In 2018 is the first and I mean the first time I’ve ever made REAL MONEY in a business. You wanna hear the funny part this (XL TRIBE MEDIA LLC) is the first business I didn’t start to make money, ain’t that shit funny.

I say all that to say this. The lessons I’ve learned in 2018 have been the most valuable, 2018 broke me into a million fucking piece. You’ll have no idea how many days I don’t wanna get out of bed because I don’t feel like I have shit to offer the world that day. How many nights I’ve cried wondering if I’m gonna make it. People tell you all the time you shouldn’t let other people success get you down but that shit is hard AS FUCK. Especially when you watching all your friends win right in front of your face, and not no social media flexing either I mean making REAL MONEY that you can take to the bank and pay your bills for months if not a whole year.

The lesson I’m trying to get across is, cry if you gotta, scream if you need to, go in the backyard break a whole bunch of dishes from the thrift store if you need to BUT DO NOT GIVE UP.


Written by XL Tribe

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I guess I’ll start by introducing myself. I’m Kirklan Hawes the Founder and creator of XLTribe.com. This site was birthed from an old idea I had to create a community of like-minded guys that was tired of being miss represent and wanted to be displayed in the truest form. Changing the way Big & Tall Men are perceived is the goal for XLTribe.com.

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