The Relationship Between Clothes And You’re Emotions

The Relationship Between Clothes And You’re Emotions

I wanted to dig a little deep for my first official post so bare with me if it gets to deep I promise its for a good reason. I wanted to understand The Relationship Between Clothes And You’re Emotions. It has been said many times that if you dress better you feel better. Ive always heard that saying but I’ve always wanted to figured out If theres any scientific method to the saying.

“There definitely can be a connection between how people dress and how they feel,” said Robert Ridge, associate professor of osychology at BYU. “The more you like your appearance, the more confident you can be.”

I know that for me it’s definitely true when I put in a ounce of though and care into what Im wearing then the whole day feels better to me, I even act more confidentily throughout my daily endeavors .  Think about this,  I want you to look in your closet after you finish reading this post and find that “favorite shirt” then I want you to think to yourself or maybe share it out loud to your partner(if you have one) why is this my favorite shirt and I bet you will have a memory good, bad or indifferent thats tied to that article of clothing.

That emotional connection we have to clothes is serious see I told you lol. The emotions can range from heartbreak to the your first kiss from the current or past love all the way to that cutie that flirted with you the last time you wore it. Clothes ” makes the wearer feel more confident, but also because remembering the confidence and admiration these garments brought is valued long after it has ceased to be worn” said Robert Ridge.

So I decided to come up with 3 ways to make sure that ever piece of clothing in your closet makes you feel good…

  1. When you buy clothes if you’re not willing to lose two other pieces for it you don’t need it
  2. Try on clothes don’t be afraid of buying clothes in your size it will actually make you look smaller
  3. Make sure its universal (thats doesn’t mean buy black) don’t be afraid of a little color



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