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XL’s Featured Tribe’s Men Of The Week Odis Favors

XL’s Featured Tribe’s Men Of The Week Odis Favors

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XL’s Featured Tribe’s Men Of The Week Odis Favors


1. What are your biggest fashion obstacles?

I have a very hard time finding clothes that fit my waist to thigh and arm to chest ratio. The most common fashion obstacle that I have is envisioning an outfit in my head, and not liking it once I try it on. 

2. Where are you from and how you describe your style? 

I am from Dallas, Texas. My style is very simple yet comfortable; I love wearing jeans, a tee, and nice kicks.

3. Tell us about your biggest fashion nightmare and if it came true do explain. (attach a picture if you can)

It would have to be accidentally ripping my favorite pair of jeans or pants suit and not having a hoodie, jacket, or blazer to cover up my wardrobe malfunction in public. 

4. What are your 2019 goals? 

So far, I have already accomplished one of them, which was to find a new job. I would like to find love, lose 30 pounds, purchase a new vehicle, and to continue to save towards paying off my student loans. 


5. Where do you see yourself in five years and how do you see yourself accomplishing it? 

I see myself being a federal employee, a homeowner, dog owner, and hopefully a fiancé. This year I learned that patience, sacrifice, and risk-taking leads to success. And for the longest time in my life I have been afraid to achieve success, therefore, I will conquer that fear. 

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6. How long have you been on the journey of being a Big & Tall man? What’s the biggest misconception you hear about Big & Tall Guys? 

I actually gained a lot more confidence in developing my style when I turned 21 years old, and since then I’ve grown each year into this mature and much wiser young man. 


7.If you could swap styles with one celebrity who would it be and why?

I would swap styles with Prince Fielder his style is so versatile, sleek, and he always looks comfortable and confident.

Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat: @odisrythere

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