Outfit Of The Week Its January New Year New Me LOL

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Outfit Of The Week Its January New Year New Me LOL

Every year we all do New Year New Me shit. No more of that you know damn well what you need to do to make sure that Dec 31, 2019, looks different. So to start off the new year I dropped my tour. I’ve been wanted to go on tour for two years now and fear talked me out of it every time. Not in this 2019, it won’t no mo.

So I’m here to say fuck all the fear and do it anyway. All of the dreams you have come true where you let fear guide you not hold you back.



Shirt: Original Use (Target)

Pants: Good Fellow (Target

Shoes: Bad Rhino


Coat: Zara

Shirt: Zara

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Nike

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