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Outfit Of The Week : Fashion Nova & Sears Go Well Together

Outfit Of The Week : Fashion Nova & Sears Go Well Together

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Outfit Of The Week: Fashion Nova & Sears Go Well Together

Has the moment ever hit where you realize you just don’t feel like doing a damn thing?  Well snap out of it you have an empire to building a family to feed and if nothing else yourself to take care of. This week honestly had been a few highs and a lot of lows from customers and brands not seeing the vision to me just not feeling creative this week.

However, I still manage to put off this great shoots even when it was raining. Sometimes I notice my feeling can be attached to weather and literary what side of the bed I wake up on. So even though it took me a day and a half to write this little blog post I’m excited it’s finally here.

Shirt: Fashion Nova

Shorts: Sears

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Shoes: New Balance

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