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Outfit Of The Week: boohooMan Getting Me Through

Outfit Of The Week: boohooMan Getting Me Through

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Outfit Of The Week: boohooMan Getting Me Through

So this week has been a stressful/amazing one because every day I am still unpacking , building a fourth bedroom while also still trying to blog promote my photography business. This week has taught me that I can do it all. It is stressful 99 times out of 99 times I just want to pull out my hair all day this week. So in lue of all the work, I wanted to drop this weeks post which is being sponsored by boohooMAN.

Boohoo Man XL Shoots Feb 2020 9 scaled

Listen now more than ever I realize that I am very resourceful . I never knew that I could be this handy, from buying a bunch of furniture to building a bunch of furniture because everything comes in boxes that you have to build. I didn’t learn until this experience how much of a go-getter I can be.

So there’s no better fitting outfit then these overalls which are traditionally Workman’s outfit that I paired with of my own branded XL Tribe T-shirt

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Boohoo Man XL Shoots Feb 2020 6 scaled

This week I want you to challenge yourself to a small thing it may not be anything big just a small task you accomplished ie walking the block all week, or if you have a side project that you’ve been pushing off for weeks. Well, finally this weekend you’re going to set some time away to finish that. I want you to set a small goal and go after it this week and then I want to talk about it next week. Tell us what your goal was and how did you accomplish it and if you didn’t accomplish it what are you going to do too make sure that it gets accomplished. 

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