Outfit Of The Week Green Boss Moves

2019 Im Not Playing Small

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Outfit Of The Week Green Boss Moves

Today I had the opportunity to attend an event with an indoor Ice Skating and it was dope. My good friend Crystal of Society Of Harlow invited me out and I’m glad she did. Something you need to remember the best things in life, truly are free. We spent a good few hours discussing what’s next and the theme for 2019 is no playing small. I’ve been watching all the people who started when I began in this business back in 2009. I wish I didn’t give up when times got hard. Everytime life threw a curve ball at me the first thing I neglected was my blog. Well, not anymore its been two years 4 months of hard ass work.  In 2019 I want what’s mine and I ain’t making no acceptions.

So you know what that means I’m gonna need help.  I can’t wait till I can change lives the way I want too. So until then, I want to chat about what y’all want to see more of from the site. Below I added a contact form so y’all can drop me a line. To share your thoughts. What are your plans for 2019? What have you been putting off for years that you just feel in your gut that you can’t put off anymore?

Hats: Rue 21

Shirt: Sean John

Pants: Volcom Similar At Bonobos


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