Law Of Reciprocity

Long before I even understood the word “reciprocity” I believed in it. When Lauryn Hill said in Ex Factor
“Tell me, who I have to be. To get some reciprocity” I felt it in my bones. I knew that she wanted the love she had given to be received in return. Many of us just move in the world so aimlessly without any level of consciousness behind our actions and choices. The simplest way to light the match to be the catalyst for change is after you say or do something. Literally tell your brain to stop thinking, stop processing information to spit out a response. Actually look at their facial expression, listen to the tone of voice in which they respond. The major key here is to begin to understand how your words and actions affect others.

Every Thursday I set out to write these articles that make you think in a way that you may not have thought before. I want to provoke the idea that sparks change. To set the environment that allows change to even come about, by opening your mind to ideas you may not have heard before and maybe they might be a reintroduction to you. Maybe you have heard them 1 million times before but I hope this time it sets in. Below I thought I would provide the Wiki Definition for further content.

In social psychology, reciprocity is a social rule that says people should repay, in kind, what another person has provided for them; that is, people give back (reciprocate) the kind of treatment they have received from another. By virtue of the rule of reciprocity, people are obligated to repay favors, gifts, invitations, etc. in the future. If someone receives a gift for their birthday, a reciprocal expectation may influence them to do the same on the gift giver’s birthday. This sense of future obligation associated with reciprocity makes it possible to build continuing relationships and exchanges. Reciprocal actions of this nature are important to social psychology as they can help explain the maintenance of social norms.

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