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XL Tribes Magazine Issue 10 With Darryl

XL Tribes Magazine Issue 10 With Darryl

XL Tribes Magazine Issue 10 With Darryl

Omggggggg it’s been a long time I shouldn’t have left you with a new magazine to read. Our XL Tribes Magazine Issue 10 With Darryl is here. However we back. This month’s cover guy is Darryl Perry. Now before y, all say something these photos were taken when it was hot out in October. Or maybe I just wanted to heat up your winter.

XL Tribes Magazine Issue 10 With Darryl

How have you be handling all the new insta fame?

Honestly, I just remain the same guy I have always been…I try to interact with as many people as I can and just continue being consistent! I don’t let the numbers change me! I use it as motivation to grow bigger. I just realize things for what they are and handle them as such!

Whats been your journey to becoming A Big & Tall Modeling?

I kind of just fell into it…While I was on the journey of finding myself and my confidence I took one of my first shirtless pics by the pool and it got a lot of attention on Facebook. I have a friend who was a plus-size model and she told me some people to follow on Instagram. I posted that picture on the gram and the rest was history…

XL Tribes Magazine Issue 10 With Darryl

How do you decided when add your singing with modeling?

I made the decision to combine pages a few months ago…before modeling, I was only singing and I had an Instagram page for my music but it really wasn’t getting any love hah so I decided to just combine the two together to show my complete personality. It was a great idea I think!

XL Tribes Magazine Issue 10 With Darryl

Where you always a big guy? How was life growing up?

I was always the biggest guy in my class growing up! I didn’t know how to handle my weight, I was very awkward. I had to learn spatial awareness very fast. Everyone wanted me to play sports but I didn’t have that animal inside me growing up. I didn’t develop heart until later down the road! When your big most people determine your worth based on what you can do physically…it’s crazy!

Whats the boldest move you made in 2020 and why ?

The boldest move that I have made in 2020 was to leave Virginia and move to the Atlanta area…It’s a totally new place and I’m still trying to find my way! I have always loved an adventure though…

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XL Tribes Magazine Issue 10 With Darryl
So that we here ay XL Tribe can hold you accountable what’s one goal you have for 2021?

I want to have my clothing brand “Kholo Lifestyle” launched by spring of 2021! Everything else I’ll take it as it comes but that is a major goal for me!

If you could give your 10 years self advise what would it be?

That’s a good question…I would tell him to stand up for himself and be strong! Find that warrior inside of you and go for whatever you want!

XL Tribes Magazine Issue 10 With Darryl
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