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XL’s Featured Tribe’s Men : Rah Mosley

XL’s Featured Tribe’s Men : Rah Mosley

XL's Featured Tribe's Men : Rah Mosley

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XL’s Featured Tribe’s Men

This weeks XL Featured Tribe’s Men is Rah Mosley. I’ve been following him online for a little while now and his style is impeccable so I though the world should see it as well.

1. My biggest fashion obstacle would be finding long sleeve button up shirts that fit perfect. My arm length is 41! Sometimes I have to go up on shirt size to achieve the arm length I desire, then I have to get it tailored because its too big in the mid section.

2. Well I’m originally from Michigan, Ive been in Atlanta for 16yrs now. What I love about dressing in Michigan is winter clothing!! I like sweaters, nice coats, leathers, and layering! In Atlanta we really don’t experience harsh winters so dressing here during the winter months differ. I tend to stick to a nice light coat or my favorite hoody. As far as trends in Atlanta I really don’t follow them, I don’t like dressing like everyone else, never have unless it was twin day in junior high lol!
3. My biggest fashion miss would be wearing certain brands joggers. Lets just say they’re not flattering on me and I only wear them around the house or if I’m running to the gas station or something!  *no pictures LOL*
4. I have many fashion inspirations, I learned a lot about style from my mom she always made sure we were dressed nice as kids. Some of my inspirations as of now would definitely include Dwayne Wade, Tyson Chandler, Kevin Durant, and Russel Westbrook!
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