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XL’s Featured Tribesmen’s Of The Week Rod Hardge

XL’s Featured Tribesmen’s Of The Week Rod Hardge

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XL’s Featured Tribesmen’s Of The Week Rod Hardge


1. To be honest, I never really had a fashion obstacle besides having self-confidence. When I say confidence, I mean, there would be times I would be out shopping or designing an outfit for myself for an event, party or whatever, when I’m done I’ll look at it like, ” Can I pull that off? Am I doing too much with this outfit?” Since I’ve gain confidence in myself, fashion has been my outlet. I’m learning to step out side my comfort zone to Be Dope and to Be Me!
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2. I’m from a small town outside of Atlanta called Social Circle, Ga. What I love about Atlanta is that they style trend is endless; so many different varieties but the one that sticks out to me is color! This summer has been vibrant, fun, and inviting with everyone exploring with color.

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3. My Biggest fashion nightmare is walking into an event big or small and seeing someone wearing the exact same outfit or same sneakers As me.
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4. My biggest style inspirations have been the rapper Fabulous. I think it’s dope how he brings back that 80s-90s look. Also, 2Chainz and Pharrell just to name few.
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5. In the next 5 year, I see my brand, Fly Status (Forever Leading Youth) in every major fashion store. I want to be in the position to help build up the youth and show them it’s more than just the streets to turn to. I want to be able to show the youth that you can make it without selling drugs or robbing. I plan on being a male model for big men fashion etc. The way only way I know I’m going to achieve these goals it to stay Consistent as well as keep my faith in God because without him I wouldn’t have made it this far.
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6. I’ve had bothers inbox me on Instagram and even come up to me asking for advice on how to dress well as a larger man of style; I say first you have to have Confidence. In my opinion, men of larger size lack confidence in fashion. You have to trust the fashion, and if you don’t, CREATE YOUR OWN!You

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